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Breeze Universal Cleaner (500ml)



Stanefree Solutions presents Uncle Rob’s Cleaning Products

Our range of cleaning products is custom made and completely biodegradable. Our products can purchased in premixed ready to use spray bottles and larger sized concentrates. If choosing the concentrate, you can dilute it to your desired strength. Therefore, allowing you to fill a spray bottle or mix up in a bucket with hot water.

Breeze Universal Cleaner (500ml) is a versatile all purpose product. It cleans almost anything!

Breeze removes common marks off walls and floors, grease in your kitchen and soap scum in your shower. In addition, it is so versatile for all areas of your home or business. In the bedroom or living room for instance, shelf and surface cleaning and wiping away the dust from furniture. Similarly, Breeze can even wash the car and clean its interior, wiping away all the dust and crumbs that have been accumulating. Not to mention, it can even remove grease from around the car including the brake dust on the wheels. It can ever be used to clean your boat or caravan.

The Breeze Universal Cleaner (500ml) along with B&K Cleaner (500ml) will achieve a sparkling home.

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