Welcome to the Stanefree Family

Welcome to the Stanefree Family

You have a busy lifestyle with work, kids, running around after everyone and no one is thinking of you "WHAT! "STOP RIGHT THERE" no one is thinking of "YOU"

We here at Stanefree Solutions guarantee the peace of mind that you seek with a service that you can trust weather you are after ongoing cleaning or end of lease cleaning and we understand the busy life style you have with family, work, social and work events, or even may I say it and yes I admit to this myself as a cleaner, the days I do take off is a day to relax and instead of cleaning my own house I do arrange for one of my employees to come and clean my own house as I know myself we all just need a day to put our feet up and relax.

While choosing the right cleaner to look after your home it is especially important to us that we help you chose the right outcome when cleaning your home as we have come to understand that not every cleaner will suit your requirements.

As we know house cleaning plays an essential roll to every person in the home, having a clean home helps your family live a cosy ambience life in a cleaner environment, With over 15 years' experience in providing the best cleaning services to each and every one of our clients and making sure when we leave after the cleaning is finished that our clients have the StaneFree smile on their face!.

With modern tools, effective cleaning solutions and professional home care we here at StaneFree can provide Services in a lot of different areas with lot to offer.


Stanefree Cleaning Products


At the end of 2017, Stanefree purchased formulas from bio-shine and with our own adjustments created a unique of safe biodegradable cleaning products and these products have been tried and tested in our cleaning business throughout the years.

Breeze uni cleaner - is a unique kind of general cleaner this can be mixed with water in to any kind of strength to perform any kind of task you require, from concentrate to full dilution.

B&K Cleaner (bathroom/kitchen) - this product is good to clean anything from soap scum of showers and grease in the kitchen this also can be mixed to use as a general cleaner. 

Diamond shine glass cleaner - this glass cleaner is good to get soap scum of shower glass and tiles and also gives a great shine to your bathroom. diamond shine can also be used to clean windows and other areas with a shiny surfaces.

Flawless cleaner - this product and be used to clean any kind of floor surface from floating floors to heavy tile cleaning leaving your floors streak-free.